Come help

          Who am I?

Hi, call me Anna! I am an architect, painter, yogi, reader and writer and lover of all creation made with love and positive thought.
I will be starting my act from geting some help for Africa. My first project is to raise funds and build an orphanage. I will be happy to tell you interesting stories about the trip and introduce you to many many beautiful unknown characters I will find on my way there!

See the word in other eyes


This started as a dream 

I was a kid when I saw myself in the midsts of happy smiling eyes. 

I know this is what I will do with my life. 

This earth we live in, this loving mother, this generous source of energy is all we need to be happy. It is the connection between us all that keeps the hope of rebringing our mother in good health.

For me, simply because of my origine and deep connection with the basic needs of living, the solution to the great violence there has already been agressing the real values of natural life, is coming back to the basis. And the ones who will be able to do it best are the ones who have been experienccing life close to nature. 

My goal is to try to help and protect them... 

Because they are the ones that are most affected today and the ones that will be the most capable to help tomorrow.

To respect, to help, to teach and to learn.

To open our eyes