One goal  for all this thoughts

To help as much as possible the kids in Africa. We can start from the project for the kids of Kakamega.

There will be only this one and only goal in what we do.

I find no other reason to say thank you to life. To give my best for the people who stay in touch with the simple needs of life. To let them feel safe and enjoy the vibe of the earth. To help them be free and over the superficial judgements of our materialistic and egoistic societies. This might seem weird to read but call your real self inside. No one can realy hide his real self from his own soul. 

I personally think that this is our biggest problem.

Let's not try to change everything different from ourselves. 

I am not better than anyone. We are all one. 

And we are all capable to help.


For the orphanage. 
I am going to make the project for it soon..
I will post my progress here and you can add your comments. I hope we can make a good work. I found someone with a lot of experience to help me with any unclear fields. I really believe it will be a beautiful place for the kids. 

All   these drawings were made for the project.You can also consider having one at home and this way you can donate  and gain a piece of art at the same time.  I hope you will like them. You can write me an e-mail and I will use the first post office to send it to you or otherwise when the Journey...

One  bank account I opened will be the destination of all your donations so we can avoid giving money to the wrong place. I am responsible for that and I am sure you will find no  difficulty to add something to it.

The account details